1. Ale Kino! in 12 minutes

    Coverage from 31. IYAFF Ale Kino! 2013

  2. 31. IYAFF Ale Kino! Awards

    Golden goats, Marcin and Marcinek prize.

  3. Ale Kino! programme

    Is already available on our website.

  1. It's the last month of the call for entries for Ale Kino!

    There's left only a few weeks to send movies to 32 MFFMW Ale Kino!

  2. Animator for children!

    7th International Animated Film Festival Animator

  3. Ale Kino! in Tarnow!

    Between April 26th and May 4th 2014, during the festival 28. Tarnow Film Award the Platinum program of Ale Kino! will be presented.